Saturday, December 4, 2010

A Lesson in Diabetes Etiquette

I hope everyone is doing well!  It seemes like everyone I know has been sick in one way or another lately...My husband, as well as my friends' husbands and kids, were all down this week with a stomach bug.  Luckily, it passed me by.  I don't know if I'm quite ready to deal with illness and diabetes at the same time just yet!

I had a big lesson in foot care on Thursday.  We had driven a couple of hours to see my aunt for her 50th birthday and to run some errands while we were there.  I wore some flats that I've had since I was in high school (I graduated five years ago this May), thinking that they would be comfy...But I was wrong!  In hindsight, I should have known; however, in my defense, who would have thought?  After running around town all day, I had painful blisters on both of my little toes from the pointy toe on those shoes.  My aunt gave me a bandaid to put over them, but they were still extremely painful the rest of the night...I even  had trouble walking! 

Normally, I wouldn't think much of it; but now that I have diabetes, I'm more conscious of how I treat my feet.  I've been babying them the last couple of days to help them heal as quickly as possible, and now I know that I shouldn't wear shoes I haven't worn in a long time when there's going to be lots of walking involved.  Before, I would have dealt with the pain in the name of fashion, but now I can't do that.  Lesson learned!

Speaking of lessons, I would like to share this handout that I got at the Diabetes Health Fair with you.  It's a great, straightforward way of giving those who don't have the disease some advice on how to treat those of us who deal with it on a daily basis.  The tips might surprise some of you, but anyone with diabetes will tell you that they're all correct!  You don't realize until you are having to deal with this disease firsthand the impact that others' comments have on your spirit.  These are all little things, but trust me, they will be greatly appreciated by anyone who has diabetes.

Courtesy of the Behavioral Diabetes Institute:
(Click to enlarge)


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