Friday, November 5, 2010

"Friends & Family Friday" - Family Members with Diabetes

Friday, November 5th

"Friends & Family Friday" -Research shows that diabetes has a genetic component: Who in your family or circle of friends has diabetes?

I'm fixing to leave to go away for the weekend with my husband, so today's post will be short!

I have many people in my immediate and extended family with Diabetes.  I have a great aunt, a great uncle, and a second cousin who have Type 2; a great uncle who passed away as the result of complications from Type 2; as well as more extended family that I can't think of at the time being who are also affected by the disease.

In my immediate family, my sister was diagnosed with Type 1 at age 16.  She's now almost 20 and going to college to become a phlebotomist.  She was in Diabetic Ketoacidosis by the time she was diagnosed, and was flown out by helicopter to the nearest major hospital (two hours away), where she spent some time recovering.  She gave herself insulin shots for the first couple of months, but eventually got on the insulin pump, which she says makes her life a lot easier.

My dad was diagnosed around one and a half to two years ago at around the age of 46 with Type 2.  At first the local doctors wanted to put him on Metformin (brand names Fortamet, Glucophage, Glumetza)to treat his Diabetes, but the endocrinologist he saw (who is also my, and my sister, and my mom's doctor!) simply put him on a strict diet.  He lost around 30 pounds in the first couple of months as a result of that and exercise, and now he is able to control his Diabetes much easier.  It's my hope that I'll be able to do the same, but I suppose time will tell.

I read an article in the latest "Diabetes Forecast" magazine on a study that found that thin people with Diabetes were more likely than overweight people with the disease to have a family member who also has it...In other words, genetics and lifestyle could likely be separate risk factors for the disease.  I found this interesting, especially since I'm not overweight, 22, and have Type 2--I certainly don't fit the typical mold for my diagnosis.

Well, I have to go pack, but I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend, and I'll be posting tomorrow!


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