Wednesday, November 10, 2010

"Wordless Wednesday" - Biggest Inspiration

Week 2: ACT
Wednesday, November 10

“Wordless Wednesday” – Share a picture or video on your blog! (need ideas for subject matter? What’s your biggest inspiration in taking action in the movement to stop diabetes? Show us! Or if you haven’t joined the movement yet, Share, Act, Learn or Give to get started now!)

When you have Diabetes, much of your everyday life is spent counting carbs, sticking your fingers, and thinking about how everything you eat and do will affect your blood glucose.  Needless to say, that level of constant attention and responsibility can become pretty overwhelming.  That is why I decided to make today's post a more lighthearted one...But first, some background information!

If you've been reading my blog posts up to this point, you already know that one of my major goals in living with and managing my Type 2 Diabetes is having a safe, healthy pregnancy and baby in the future.  When I'm trudging away on the treadmill an hour after eating, trying to make sure that my blood sugar doesn't go high (or trying to bring it down when it's already high), one of the only things that keeps me motivated to keep going is knowing that what I'm doing is contributing not only to my health, but the health of our children in the future.

Now, that begs the question: What will our kids look like?

To answer that (extremely deep =] ) question, I turned to, where you can upload photos of you and your spouse, or just about anyone you want (i.e., celebrities) and see what your babies might look like!  Here are the results:

Not too shabby, if I do say so myself!  ;)

All joking aside, our future children are my biggest inspiration in taking action in the movement to stop Diabetes.  If something that I can do increases the chances that they won't have to deal with this disease, I'm on board 110%.  And it's not just for my children's future...It's for everyone's.  I hope that in my lifetime a cure will be found for Diabetes, because I want to give our children the best life possible--and for me, that includes living in a world without Diabetes.


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