Friday, November 19, 2010

"Friends & Family Friday" - Say Anything

Week 3: LEARN
Friday, November 19th

"Friends & Family Friday" - As the holidays approach, social events and family gatherings are bound to occur. If you could say anything, what would you tell your loved ones about your diabetes?

This will be a short post, because I'm "typing" it on my Blackberry!

If I could say anything to my loved ones about my diabetes, it would be this: Diabetes is a part of my life (albeit an unfortunate one), but it's not who I am. I appreciate all the support and encouragement I can get, though!

-Please don't try to force me to eat something/more than I should because "it can't hurt"-Technically it won't "hurt" me today, but I'm also concerned about the future, and high blood sugars over time DO cause damage! It's my future, so please take me at my word.

-On the flip side, I don't need a personal diabetes SWAT team either. I'm the one who has been through all the classes and seen Certified Diabetes Educators and Registered Dietitians, so I know what my dietary guidelines are. What works/doesn't work for someone else may not work for me, so please keep the "advice" to a minimum. Thank you! =)

-Also, a big "Thank you" in advance for keeping the sweet stuff/other carbohydrates out of my reach if I ask-it definitely helps me avoid temptation when I know I've had enough!


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