Monday, November 8, 2010

"Mouthwatering Monday"

Week 2: ACT
Monday, November 8

"Mouthwatering Monday" - What's your favorite entree? How does it affect your blood glucose?

I love food.  All kinds of food.  Italian, Mexican, Greek, German, you name it!  My all-time favorite, though, has always been Italian.  When I was younger, getting to go eat at Olive Garden for my birthday was something I always looked forward to.

It's hard to say what my favorite dish is, but lately I've really enjoyed eating the Lasagna Classico at Olive Garden when I have the chance.  As long as I get the lunch portion, and only eat half a breadstick with it and some salad, my blood sugar stays within my target range.  However, if I eat the lasagna plus two breadsticks with alfredo dipping sauce and salad, my blood glucose numbers are in the 200's.

It's so strange to see how seemingly little changes to a meal can make such a huge difference in the affect on your blood glucose.  Some things can be just enough to put it over the edge, while others can keep it within a decent range.  It's something I'm still working on, and every day seems to be a learning curve.  One of the things that most easily stresses me out about having Diabetes is the fact that I have to think about how anything I put in my mouth is going to affect my blood glucose.  I'm sometimes envious when I'm around other people, knowing that they have the leisure of being able to eat anything they want without worrying how it's going to directly affect their health in the short- and long-term.  Oh, what I would give sometimes to throw caution to the wind and eat a wonderful piece of cake with a big scoop of ice cream!  But alas, living a long life is substantially more important to me than those few minutes of (sweet, yummy) pleasure...Most of the time! =)  All joking aside, I do indulge in a few bites of dessert every now and then, provided my numbers are good...After all, what is life without breaking the rules every once in a while?!


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